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Download: Reference Manual v1.2 (.pdf 2.9 MB)
Download: SkyTracker Flyer (.pdf 415 KB)
Download: User Manual (English) (.pdf 1.8 MB)
Download: User Manual (German) (.pdf 1.9 MB)
Download: SkyTrack v1.4.12 for Windows (.zip 4.6 MB)
Download: 64 bit SkyTrack v1.4.12 for Linux (.zip 7.3 MB)
Download: SkyTrack v1.4.12 for OSX (.dmg 11.3 MB)

SkyTrack is an open source PC program for controlling Astronomical Telescopes.
Sources (Ada 2012) are available at
Executables are provided for Microsoft Windows (Xp and later), OSX and Linux (64 bit Ubuntu)

You are invited to download the program and to try it out.
In its default simulation mode no actual hardware is required.

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